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ASPEN Course Selections

All students in grades 9-11:
You must enter your courses into Aspen by February 1, 2019.


Here are the Graduation Requirements:
4 years of English
3 years of Math, Science and History (we recommend 4 years for students planning on attending a 4 year college and for students on an EPP Plan.
2 years of Foreign Language in sequence
5 credits in Art/Music/Theater
5 credits in Computer/Technology

Below is the 2019-2020 Program of Studies which contains all the information regarding the courses offered at MHS


You will have the opportunity to review your selections again in March so if you feel that you should move up or down a level at that time you will be able to do this before schedules are made.


Please know that if you are entering grade 9, 10 or 11 the Math Department has selected what level they feel you should be in based on your data from previous Math courses and MCAS. If you are entering grade 12 then you may select your own path class. In order to see the Math level that has been selected for you please see the instructions below:
Click the button that says, "Exit entry mode," on the top left of your course selection page in Aspen. You will now see the Math course selection for you by the Math department. If you want to make changes to this please contact Mrs. Miles, the Math Department Chair along with your guidance counselor.
Thank you!

ALERT: If Aspen will not let you pick a course and/or level that you know you need to take next year, please email your guidance counselor the course/level you need. Your counselor will manually put in this course request for you. All contact information can be found if you click on the "Contact Information" tab on the left.


If Aspen will not let you "post" the courses that you selected, not to worry, they will be saved.


Aspen Online Course Selection 2019-2020


How to pick my courses using Aspen


2019-2020 Program of Studies


9th Grade Program of Studies


4-Year Graduation Plan


Please make sure you choose all of your courses by that date and time.


Quick-Tips Instructions


Mathematics Pathway