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United States Air Force Educational Entitlements

United States Naval Academy - Admissions Forum 

Middleborough High School works closely with the recruiters from the United States Armed Forces to provide information to our students who may be considering a future in the military. Recruiters are frequently visiting the high school during lunch periods. 

MHS offers the ASVAB every year free of cost to our students. See Mrs. Baron Fontaine in the Guidance Office for more information and to sign up for this exam.

Preparing for the ASVAB:


Below is the local contact information to help you get in touch with the recruiters:


 Branch  Contact  Phone/Email
 U.S. Air Force & Space Force  Timothy R. Andrews, TSgt,  603-988-9347 -
 U.S. Army  Sgt. Randolph  508.746.3047
 U.S. Army (Reserve)    508.746.3047
 Mass. Army National Guard SSG Rebelo  617.908.6328 -
 U.S. Marine Corps SGT Young  508.746.6433
 U.S. Navy

Scott Bingham

 617.753.3993 -


My name is Jim Tighe. I am the Educational Specialist for Navy Recruiting District New England. It is my job to be a liaison between your school and the Navy.


I am responsible for disseminating information about the Naval enlisted education programs, Navy ROTC Scholarships, Navy Teacher Orientation trips, as well as speakers and recruiter programs for High Schools. The intent is to give you the information to be able to inform your students of all opportunities open to them. The Navy has many programs designed to meet an individuals goals for future life. I have listed some of these below with contact information.

1.     NAVY ROTC: A scholarship program that offers high school students the opportunity to enter a 4 year college and graduate, in a degree field of their choice,  as a Naval Officer.  The scholarship is worth up to $180,000 and can be applied to over 160 Colleges and Universities nationwide that have the NROTC  program.  Juniors can apply for the scholarship beginning in April of their junior year and seniors can apply as well.  For more information visit the web site at and you can contact  Scott Bingham, NRD New England NROTC Coordinator at 617-753-3993 or email at

2.     There are many opportunities to join the Navy as a Commissioned Officer. In order to apply for Officer Programs; you must have at least a qualifying Bachelor’s degree, depending on the program. The Navy also offers various scholarships for eligible applicants who are finishing their degree. For more information on all officer Programs, call LCDR Jonathan Costolo at NRD New England at (518-390-4156) or e-mail at     

3.     The Navy has many occupations for Sailors. One of the best is the Naval Nuclear Power Program. We offer speakers on the Nuclear Power Program, and one of them is David Hensley.   He has 7 years of experience in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. Including 18 months of training and five years onboard USS Florida (a nuclear powered, submarine). He is available to speak to small classes and large groups about nuclear energy. This presentation includes a description about where the energy from nuclear power comes from, how we use it for electricity and propulsion, and radiation effects/equivalents. This type of presentation is best suited for high level chemistry/physics classes. If you would be interested in scheduling a presentation please contact David Hensley at 207-578-1162 or e-mail (

4.     The following Web links are for Navy Recruiting District New England  ( ), and ( General information about all programs the Navy offers can be found at


If you would wish any further information on any Naval opportunities please call or email questions.
My cell is 781-856-5398, office is 617-753-4631, and e-mail is

Jim Tighe


MST2 Chelsie Sandoval

RUITOFF Providence

47 Eagle Street, suite 105

Providence, RI 02909

[c] (401)566-2579

[o] (401)421-1291

[f] (401)528-4373