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Welcome to Middleborough High School
Your Place For All Things Middleborough!

MET is the Middleborough Educational Television program that is run out of MHS. This group of over 75 students helps support all of the Middleborough Public Schools through providing live streams, promotional videos & video support for all schools. 

MSH Softball Wins D3 State Championship

Welcome to Middleborough High School

About Us

Welcome to Middleborough High School, where the spirit of the Sachem reigns supreme! As you step into our halls, you become a part of a legacy rooted in strength, unity, and tradition. Just as the Sachem, a respected tribal leader, guided their people, we strive to guide you towards success, growth, and unforgettable memories. Let the pride of the Sachem inspire you to achieve greatness both inside and outside the classroom. Together, as one tribe, we embark on a journey of learning, camaraderie, and endless possibilities. Welcome to Middleborough High School - home of the Sachem!

Middleborough High School Calendar

News and Events

MHS is named a National Unified Champion School

Middleborough High School raised their National Banner at the Thanksgiving Pep Rally on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 for being one of only 22 schools in Massachusetts for being recognized by the Special Olympics for their commitment to Unified Sports and to ensure an inclusive and accepting school community. Additionally, MHS are one of only 205 schools throughout the country to receive this recognition. This recognition is a testament to the student body and it was so great to celebrate with the entire school at the annual rally. The opportunity to bring the school community together for this accomplishment was pretty special! Congratulations, MHS!

Clear Touch Comes to Middleborough

Middleborough Public School was recently featured by Clear Touch. Clear Touch is the company that makes the interactive panels that were first put into Middleborough High School and then were placed in all classrooms. The interactive panels allow students and staff to interact with their computers and applications in ways that were never possible with the old projectors

Inclement Weather Procedure

As we head into the colder months of the school year, I want to share with you some information about inclement weather and how I will approach the decision making process of school delays and/or closure. One of the most difficult challenges I have as a Superintendent is deciding whether or not to cancel or delay school due to inclement weather.

MPS Mission Statement


The mission of the Middleborough Public Schools is to foster a culture of excellence within every student, in every classroom, every day.